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Top of the League

To start with the positive things.. Well, yippie we're on the top of the table and everything seems awesome. No, it isn't. Everybody seems to be pretty angry about the situation. The players don't like the way we train(for me it's boring but you can't change the way the coach is you know?) but they can't stop complaining about everything. Even when it is a good session they always find something what is horrible. On a personal level, I'm on the pith about 5/6 times a week plus the game on the weekend. My fitness level is better than ever. 90minutes.. no problem at all. I'm playing the only forward in our system and have my own strength, which are the scoring of goals, but for that... well, I need the ball. This is pretty much of the biggest problem in our team. If you aren't the one the others like to score, you don't score. And what is the way you get rated as a forward? Exactly, the goals you score. So what know? How to change the situation? I don't know it at the moment.... Difficult times ahead.
3.4.16 11:24


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